Dyson and Sakti3 Complete Merger

October 19, 2015

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Dyson and Sakti3 are pleased to announce a merger. The merger is the continuance of an existing relationship between Dyson and Sakti3, a recognized leader in the development of solid-state battery design and development. The merger places Sakti3 with the task of improving advanced energy storage in existing Dyson products, as well as developing new applications for solid-state batteries. The merger between the two companies reflects a strong investment by Dyson towards developing new technology that is intrinsically safer for consumers, and uses less energy to power, and less time to fully-charge. Sakti3 has developed solid-state cells that have more than double the energy density of current Li-Ion batteries.

Sakti3 and Dyson operate with similar growth-focused and high-tech ideologies. With its roots starting in academia, Sakti3 is deeply-committed to its employee’s professional development and enrichment, and Sakti3 has been recognized by Alliance for Workplace Excellence and as one of Metro-Detroit’s Best & Brightest Places to Work. In Addition, the MIT Technology Review named Sakti3 one of the 50 Smartest Companies. Sakti3 has also been recognized for its commitment to safety. With the merger, there will be new career opportunities at Sakti3. Please visit our career’s page for more information.

Sakti3 is a spinoff of the University of Michigan, where its founding team created laboratories, published over 100 papers on batteries and related mathematics and physics, and demonstrated its first early prototypes. Sakti3 has been recognized for its innovative approaches in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Scientific American, Inc., Time, Automotive Engineering, the New York Times, Washington Post, NPR and other media.

Media inquiries should be directed to USPR@dyson.com.

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