Sakti’s Approach

Sakti is commercializing a breakthrough, high performance, low cost and intrinsically safe solid-state battery technology. The devices are manufactured using a unique combination of existing, scaled platforms that offer a low CAPEX-to-revenue path to large-scale production, in a single, integrated, manufacturing line. The materials, device designs and manufacturing methodologies were selected and optimized through use of advanced computational modeling, and lockstep, small-scale prototyping. Sakti’s unique design capability has enabled the company to secure IP across multiple areas of energy storage technology, including materials, processes, system architectures and controls, and fields of use for solid state battery technology. Sakti is now methodically scaling prototypes in pilot production.

The team’s background combines cutting edge research and development experience with extensive manufacturing and global execution work. The senior team has over 100 years’ collective experience in research, manufacturing, and leadership of technical organizations.

Sakti has been recognized for its innovative approaches with several technical and business awards, including recognition as an IHS CERAweek Energy Innovation Pioneer (2014), in MIT’s Technology Review as one the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies (2012) and the winner of the World’s Top Ten in the Energy Category (2011). 

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