Sakti’s Approach

Sakti3 was ranked amongst the ’50 Smartest Companies 2015’ by MIT – together Sakti3 and Dyson are working on technology to revolutionize energy storage.

“Dyson, just like Sakti3, is driven by a desire for audacious leaps in technology. We are excited to join James and his outstanding team, together making our battery technology a commercial reality.”
–  Ann Marie Sastry, President and co-Founder, Sakti3

The company, born out of the University of Michigan, has published more than 100 papers on battery technology, and methodically converted their numerical predictions, through process science and work on scalable equipment, into prototype solid-state battery cells that have high energy density. The aim is to increase the density of today’s most advanced liquid lithium ion batteries, while also maintaining the potential to make them, smaller, safer, more reliable and longer lasting. With Dyson, the team aims to bring solid state batteries into production.


Media inquiries should be directed to USPR@dyson.com.

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