Sakti’s Solid State Battery Technology

Sakti’s prototype solid-state battery cells have a high energy density, giving them the potential to increase the density of today’s most advanced liquid lithium ion batteries, while also being smaller, safer, more reliable and longer-lasting.

“If we are to continue to create new and disruptive technology, we must develop more advanced core technologies.  We have invested nearly $310m into the research and development of the Dyson digital motor, a technology that now powers our most successful machines.  We will do the same with batteries.  Sakti3 has developed a breakthrough in battery technology and together we will make this technology a reality.”
   –   James Dyson, Founder and Chief Engineer of Dyson

For the past five years, Dyson’s in-house battery team has been optimizing and developing battery technology for cordless machines and robots in its advanced battery labs at its Malmesbury headquarters.  They will now work with the team at Sakti3 to develop the prototype technology and incorporate it into new and existing technologies.

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